Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swapping Margaret Olley.

As in my previous post I was talking about the group I belong to and the yearly swap we do.

The theme this year was a tribute to Margaret Olley and an obvious choice of subject would be still life.Too easy so I decided to avoid that and approached the trusty computer for more information. I came across the Companion of the Order Medal, there was my subject. So settle back with a cuppa and enjoy your well earned break.....

I put into action the artistic license we all share and chose not to add the Mimosa springs on the ribbon, now there was a challenge which I don't mind from time to time but that was pushing it a bit!!!
One of many drawings.

 A couple of changes have been made, moving on, decisions, decisions.

I think there is something happening with this one even though I like the other one.Maybe I can use it for another project later?

Working on some finer details, do I want the background one colour, the leaves hand coloured or not,
 how much detail should be included?

And this led me to thinking about the border,soooo many ideas to contemplate.

Decision is made and here is the lino plate. Nice and simple in design.

Okay you haven't fallen asleep have you? Maybe you had better get another cuppa. This is a quick  hand pulled print with one idea of where to apply that colour! Don't worry changes are ahead.

And again new ideas forming as I progress. I do like the musical notes , no I don't know the first thing about music , just what I like to listen to. They have a certain quality about them.

See how one thought leads to another. What about calligraphy and use her name so off to practise my calligraphy, which meant I had to consider the size and where will it appear behind the image and how to get it there?

Starting to really develop this piece and can you imagine putting sprigs of flowers on that ribbon?
The size of the prints doesn't change from year to year, one of our conditions . It is the A4  size which means the ribbon isn't especially wide,well not to add sprigs onto....

After having chosen the background under the ribbon and medal it was time to cut away the excess paper.

Nearly finished , just have to cut 15 more prints as it was an edition of 16, the biggest one we have produced for the swap.

Presenting the finished print and I am happy with my choice of not colouring the leaves as it has made a nice contrast to the medal which is the focal point.

As I mentioned in the beginning about still life  I still wanted something to indicate that Margaret was an artist hence the frame and included the gum leaves as the Australian native symbol.