Friday, October 5, 2012

Concepts by Two

I spent time sitting at the exhibition in the local library and rather a quiet afternoon so came home to a well deserved coffee. After all I do have other art related projects to attend to and unless you are involved with creating I don't think the general public realise how much time and effort goes into even just one piece. It's not as easy as having an idea and producing it.

So here are some photos of a few on the wall.Remember there are only 12 on the wall but more in the folio.

These are two of my prints with the one on the left some might recall from a previous post. Hand pulled print , both the print and background which was an experimental session one afternoon. I liked the colours together and the subject is one of my grandsons talking to the chooks we visit weekly.
The Bird on Lacy Wing is a remodel of a favourite lino plate with a precoloured background and the bird has been printed seperately and has cutout lace wings and glued onto the paper. I liked the bird shape and felt it had a bit more use left in the plate. Please excuse the reflections as hard to photograph with large windows behind which puts them on an unusual angle too.
This one is my "lino sculpture" or recyled plates. I developed this to hang on my back wall when the new balcony is finished and besides I liked all the plates and I did a post about them earlier. I am looking forward to hanging it in it's home soon.
I especially like this one of Di's print. It has a  delicate and simple arrangement to it as do her drawings some with just a touch of colour for emphasis.