Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Experimenting Can Be Fun.

Over the last two days I have been busy with my Gelli plate and moulding paste. I read about this technique on Gelli Arts site so decided to have a go, nothing tried, nothing gained.
I made my own stencil from an old notebook's cardboard back and sealed it with shellac as I did with the two plates.
A simple window design.
Love that texture and I wasn't too sure how much paste to use so I was flying alone here but the instructions said a thin layer.
These still have some colour on them which was good to photograph as they are white substrates.
I really enjoyed playing with the paste and intend to use at a later date for a more serious image.
These won't be in any order as per print run . I do like this one and I also used a embossing tool to pick up the ink on the base of the plate.  This one's a keeper as I will use some in other projects, more on the craft side. 
In some of them I have overlaid the image as well as the colours, the beauty of having more than one plate. At this stage ideas were rumbling around so I was trying to keep up with the inspirations.....
Darker tones with this one and I kept the stencil in place while printing.
By changing the inks and images and ghost printing I came up with this beauty, another keeper.

A brighter and clearer colour in this one and I soaked the paper too as I normally do for oil based inks. I must admit to not having good results with the acrylics so switched to  the oil based inks .
And the final one which is growing on me as very hit and miss printing.
There will be more experimenting in days to come with this method so I hope you all enjoy reading it and plan to give it a go.