Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Playing with Posters

When my children were younger I had bought two large posters to colour in, good for bored or rainy days. We had so much fun and what people call "bonding time " these days  I decided to make my own for my grandchildren. I know my children still have theirs and I had them laminated.
 I don't know yet when I will present them to the grandchildren and I will also supply colouring materials too.
Deciding on the subject matter and design I kept in mind areas to create interest in shape and form using large and small areas but to have a challenge to use their colour sense as well and this also lets  them create marks, adding another dimension.

First poster.

Second poster.
Butterflies are the possible third subject as I have two boys and one girl.
My original idea was to carve and print from a lino block , which I still can do "one day" but as lino cutters would know there is a lot of cutting away large areas to create the fines lines.
So I decided to do as drawings with archival, waterproof  and colourfast inks.
Now it's time  to move onto the third poster and in the back of my mind ideas are forming for maybe doing some for other family member's grandchildren?