Sunday, November 2, 2014

Making another book.

This one is for my sister who I have travelled with and I find it interesting how one person relates to another family member and how individual we all are. Our interests are similar in art too.
I stayed with the same format of landscape design I used with the Double Image book for my twin but not with the concertina folds. The cover is in one piece with the pages hand stitched down the centre spine, so it doesn't open and close as normal. I printed the covering papers and splurged out for some book cloth to cover the slipcover in a darker green.

The first page has a childhood family photo and title  with her initial's embossed and intertwined.

Embossed lettering.
On the inside cover of the slipcover I printed out a timeline of our travels in between two maps of cities we had visited. One page just to add interest was a list of movies and books we had read or seen and discussed in our letters. 
We have shared kayaking on an island weekend with family, hot air ballooning for birthdays, art exhibitions, our very first opera in Melbourne, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge for another birthday celebration, cruised to New Zealand for her 70th birthday and also went whale watching at Hervey Bay stopping at local towns to explore museums.
To finish the slipcover I tried for the first time quilling as I needed something to close the opening as well.
I have enjoyed making these books and learning new skills so I have started to write my own story about the workshops, exhibitions and  my private collection so that is keeping me busy and it's great
to read old notes and I keep taking photos of photos especially if I no longer have an original of a particular exercise. As I write, and thank heaven for old notebooks and journals to rely on for information that  can be forgotten, my brain plays with ideas for it's cover and how I might build the book itself especially as I will be printing it myself which means single pages so need to create a nice way to join them to form the signature.