Friday, November 16, 2012

Secret Santa

Not only do my family do this but the art group I am with do it too so I'm not saying which one this secret Santa gift belongs to.
It's always handy to have a desk calendar sitting about so designed my own replaceable cover from two pieces of box board with a finer piece for the fold over spine. Rummaged around the left over materials drawer and found some nice printed experiment paper I had done a while ago and for the inside covers a couple of pieces from a friend which I have always liked so happy to pass it on in some way.
I guess the hardest part was working out how to attatch it all and still be able to reuse in future years should the receiver care to continue useing it.

As a bonus , or should I say necessary instruction on how to repalce calendar was included with a card and easy to follow instructions.

Outside covers with ribbon to tie shut.
The inside covers with pretty paper from my friend.
At this stage it was working out so well I was tempted to keep it and isn't that a sign of a good gift?
It has been said to me in the past if you buy some one a gift you would like to keep then it's a good one.
By keeping the wrapping on the lower half of the calendar with a bulldog clip it was easier to thread the ribbon through the holes . This is one of the instructions.
Calendar in place ready to tie off.
And ready to present with "instruction/best wishes card".
What I enjoyed most was matching left over materials and nutting out how to attatch it all.