Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Favour Bags

My grand-daughter celebrated her seventh birthday recently and mum chose the "tea party" theme complete with silver tea pot and nice crockery. The girls dressed up for the occasion in hats, boas, make-up and had their own cubby house.
 I , while in the bag mood bought some nice brown paper and made the favour bags and decorated them with pretty paper leftover from the invite pad.
Leftovers are so handy and used some paper tie for the handles and finished them off with two metal tags , one with "thank you" and the other with "love" on them.
Pretty in pink tones.
 I also made paper necklaces as a gift for each of them.

Project Number 2

A group of twelve members signed up for this project involving the Botanic Gardens for an exhibition titled "Diversity in Nature" :-Special plants of Mackay and the Whitsundays.
Each artists was allotted a plant and written information about the plant and we were allowed to create a print in any medium and style.

I chose a double plate print with the background developed from a vinyl lino plate and the main image from normal lino but smaller. 

This isn't how I loaded these  as the one below is the vinyl lino already cut and the print here.

Lino plate ready fro printing.

The finished image and I liked the two different colours.
The large veins  for the background are indicative of their life giving energy. My plant is the Mt .Blackwood Holly which  has a lovely trumpet shaped flower of the most beautiful cerise colour. The leaves and the sticky type stems interested me and the points on the leaves are so defined.

Something Different

It's not because I have been 'resting" from art projects , I had a medical family situation to attend to and am now just getting back into concentrating on new projects.
Before this I did have an amount of work done with another in the wings. Earlier in the year I was involved with an art market as a member of a printmaking group . We worked towards  sharing a stall at the September market so being inspired  I felt it was a good avenue to recycle some old prints etc. I dismembered an old paper bag for my template and made 8 carry bags , some slightly larger then a couple of others. As you know what happens one thing led to another and soon found myself making all sorts of tags to put in them. Anything from book marks (8), post cards(3) with hand drawn posting address info. on the reverse, to /from cards(1), gift cards (6) and one original cd size print from a previous project.

A sample of the cd prints.
Old portrait prints for library book marks, being sorted so no bag receives the same colour or shape.

Selection of the postcards. 

More bookmarks or tags the purchaser can use for whatever is required.

Sorting details again.

I "wrapped'" the bottoms to prevent then from falling out should someone pick then up to look at. 
Presentation of contents for the bags.
This is only three of the bags with the two on the right being my own prints  and the one on the left was a leftover paper from my last book making session. Unfortunately due to circumstance beyond my control it was cancelled.