Sunday, August 14, 2016

From This to This.

The flower is finished and not as smooth as other pieces being produced but we move on to new projects when learning new hobbies. At the end I decided it needed some texture  somewhere in the background. Leichardt timber has been nice to carve and relatively easy to handle. The sanding is not as smooth as some pieces produced and I learnt to be softer when gouging and shaping in the beginning.
The next timber to try is Guava , a white timber with  lovely markings on the bark.

Playing With Ink at Home.

Just a normal Saturday afternoon before going for a beach walk. These are my latest lino plates and future developments in mind for them.

A birthday card and matching envelope from old mixed medium session. It's for a special young lass celebrating double figures this month.

The blue prints are on Japanese Kitaka paper and the other on Mingeishi. I like both as easy to print by hand with the blue lighter weight paper having a texture to it adds interest.

There's so much I can do with this plate and is a favourite so will probably reappear here in the future.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Playing With Paper.

Just a short post on papermaking which I have only done  this year with my friends and another lady wanted to try it so I borrowed the kit and we played with it this week.
The old lino plate on the left, as I am a deep cutter I thought to try it with papermaking. I placed the plate onto the screen before immersing into the tub and when lifted out and draining blotted with a towel pushing the pulp into the grooves.

Detail and might have shown better on plain coloured paper.

Ideas grow as you work so placed wool and a feather on another sheet while still damp with a cloth over the top and ironed it.

This is the other side of the ironed sheet showing the marks from the ironing board.