Friday, September 16, 2016

Postcard Swap.

I'm always excited to receive mail especially if it's to do with art. I entered Printbank Mackay's second postcard swap and am so pleased with my two postcards. The catalogue was a novel idea and very handy once you have e-mailed , as I have and been replied to, to look up which one's  the other artists received. I know mine are destined for my private collection.
Here are my two.
'Bobbing Along'
One of my favourite subjects in lino my preferred medium too. Thanks to Marg McArdell from N.Ireland .

'Love in the Mist'
All the way from New Zealand,a linocut and monoprint. Thanks to Maggie Dawson for producing a lovely 'ghost' image and the colours are beautiful.
I am happy to say both arrived in good condition.