Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Recycling Bushell's Tea Bag Box.

Recycling in art can serve many purposes such as gift giving, not wasting more paper and exercises the brain again  in a creative way.
As we don't give adult Christmas gifts these days I buy a tree decoration as a family gift, this year is the third one so it is becoming a tradition. The shape of the bird presented a small challenge and had a box in the kids art kit so stole the other one from the pantry.
The first thing to do was to take it apart  and not hard as only four spots of glued holding it together, next I laid it out flat and drew a template(these are so handy for any envelope, bag etc.) and chose pastel paper as the cover. After tracing the shape onto the paper on the inside side (could use the actual box at this stage as well  if you think you wouldn't use the same shape again) plus allowing extra all the way around for folding over.

Fold lines on the decorative paper with the extra measurements added.

Instead of gluing the whole surface I just did the edges enough to hold it together and place small clips in required places while the glue dried.

Waiting for it to dry.

After I put it all together I used the template for the size of end cover on the top of the inside lid.
I made a nest for the bird and decorated the outside.

To hold the lid closed I hot glued two small pieces of Velcro. Each one was wrapped accordingly for reach recipient.