Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebration lunch.

Celebration Lunch.
Yes folks I know it's the same photo as in Book Arts Object site. We had a lovely day starting with a chat at home followed by lunch at a smallcafe in the city and a pleasant drive to Gargett Gallery,(up the valley) not only to view the current exhibition but to show Lesley our prized possessions. Very proudly we displayed them to Lesly and she is very impressed.Well done to all our book making friends and we look forward to a repeat performance when the others arrive safely.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Festival of Arts Open Day.

Open Day.
It was another long working day today, from nine am to three p.m and eleven prints as the result. I am very happy with it and I was situated in the old Town Hall as part of Mackay' s Festival of Arts Open Day. This is a week long festival with various events around town and the group of print makers I belong to, Printbank Mackay Inc. have the use of the hall . This presented me with the opportunity to indulge myself in printing for the day and arrived home tired but happy.
The few visitors who came to have a look were positive with their thoughts and pleased to chat about techniques etc.
Finally time to sit and have a cuppa which gave me the chance to appreciate a whole array of prints on the walls and in folios . As a print maker I don't normally view my works as a collected arrangement and it gives me a different appreciation of my own abilities.
This was the first time I have participated in an event where the general public can watch an artist at work.