Saturday, July 5, 2014

Double Image, a book for my twin.

This year has developed into my year of bookmaking which has been nice to revisit those old skills.
Presented in a red slipcover with a marbled trim and for the very first time I tried my hand at quilling and found it to be very useful though delicate to perform.Sometimes one learns new skills along the way.

I have gifted this particular book to my twin sister who lives in Brisbane . The object was for a keepsake as well as my own satisfaction of making a gift to honour our relationship.
A very simple concept where I tried to explain only in a general way to any reader what being a twin means.
Being post war babies, twins in our growing years were not as common as today's birth rate and while some people would be curious about parts of that relationship I attempted to answer those queries with photos and some text.

The structure was adapted from a book I had previously admired at Libris Awards and kept it in mind for this project. Certainly it wasn't the same design or size as it morphed as part of me from the photos. The back was one piece with the pages, only a few, hand stitched down the middle instead of the usual practice of  opening a book from the left this opened from the middle out towards the left and right, a concertina style fold.
  The marbled end cover was in one piece naturally and the back was decorated with the matching marbled paper. To conceal the start and finish of the thread presented me with challenge to hide the ends as no knots were used. I used a very long thread and stitched one way and returned   therefore covering the middle line or spine. Each loose end was glued in place under the page very neatly. To decorate the actual stitching I twisted the thread part of the way down on each end before moving onto the next hole.
Title page with hand embossed image.


Folds from the middle.

Spine with a twist.

Quilled decoration.