Friday, April 6, 2012

Umbrella Entry for 2012

This is my third entry for Umbrella Studio in Townsville where each member submits three prints the same size as a compact disc case. One print is enclosed in a case for display, one is for auction to raise money and the other goes to a swap between members. It is always exciting to receive your print and to know who has received yours.

This one is of one of my grandsons visiting the chooks down our back lane which used to be a railway passage into town which has been removed and is now a pathway.
Since I became a Nana it is our habit on babysitting days to go for a walk along this path.
Printed on Fabranio paper from a lino plate with hand painted on the clothes.

Visiting the chooks.

I kept the design simple with just some areas of the wire fence and gate included.