Saturday, June 11, 2011

So here I am at another phase of Paper Wrestling.I had wanted to keep this in one long piece but proved too much to handle  and especially as it isn't my press and I didn't want the bed landing on the floor where it shouldn't be!! a qiuck smart decision had to be made so out came the stanley knife and hey presto! I now have two plates to print.Twice the work but proved to be quicker and simpler in the end. Here is the result of the one trial print which meant I couldn't run to through to the end of the paper so therefore not printed.
Anyhow  I developed a lovely working pace and it went smoothly and finished late afternoon.

Time now to turn my hand to other projects waiting in the studio wings and it's a long weekend , meaning no grandchild sitting Monday , which I do miss the little chap but will put the day to good use in a productive way.

Back soon.

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  1. Looking interesting, Alison, look forward to the finished product. I'm working on mine too...