Monday, August 8, 2011

One Thousand Woodcuts, my effort.

Earlier on this particular site was brought to my attention and was very interesting and challenging so decided to give it a go and see what I could produce.
The basic idea is that interested printmakers paid a fee to receive a small block of timber from Maria in America, who has been the chief insitgator and driving force of the whole project.Instructions were sent with the woodblock to be carved by me and returned by December for printing. In return every participant receives a beautiful print in the mail. With over one hundred printmakers working towards this goal I can only imagine the size of the finished print.
As I was also involved with another project which needed my full attention being  much more of a challenge in that I had planned to edition at least 15 books but ended up with 12. More on this project at a later date.
Okay enough babbling here are some pictures.

My small block ready for carving.

Original drawing and proof. One main instruction was not to ink the block, or change the shape in any way.

Completed block with newspaper wrapping as requested by Maria, gives her something to read as she unwraps the blocks!
 Note how I have a block in similar shape to our great state.
A picture of the print when it arrives sometime in the New Year, a long time to wait but as I have read her progress reports I will be patient for it's arrival as you must be!!...

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  1. Looks good! I hope to get mine done by the weekend.