Friday, January 6, 2012

Swapping prints.

I belong to a group of printmakers and each year one member of the group selects an idea or subject , there could be a variety of choices and a vote is taken to decide on the subject. This  is to be printed by the end of January for presentation at the AGM in February. For a small fee to help the group financially members are required to print an edition of as an example 13 prints which includes the first of each  persons print going to the group's own collection. It was agreed to keep the size to A4 each year.
For as long as I am prepared to continue printing in this manner I will always collect number 8 and should I decide not to participate each year then my number goes to someone else. As we break for two months over the Christmas period it is good to have something to work on and to keep the hand in.

Our first swap , year 2009.

Printbank Mackay Inc. first swap collection and edition of ten. Portraits was the chosen subject and I eagerly awaited for my collection and it is interesting to see so many different styles and mark marking.

YEAR 2010

First bundle for year 2010
My subject choice was voted in this year so I decided to present them with a challenge of sorts.  Naturally the size was to be adhered to but colour's and medium were a free choice of the printer.
To help create interest I limited them to three objects from the kitchen only with my choosing one item that was to be included somewhere  with the other two as their own choice. My choice was a grater as  I like the shape and every possibility of texture could be applied. I have photographed these in three bundles due to more participating.

Bundle two and it is nice to see plenty of colour.

The final two for this year.

YEAR 2011
First bundle.

This year tree trunks was the voted subject and once again great one for texture. So many different shapes to trees as well.

Final few for trees. I like the colours , shapes and the embossing on some is a nice touch.

And for year 2012 we are all working on a tribute to Margaret Olley. More on that later.


  1. Hi Alison, I'm playing catch-up today and have just enjoyed reading through your posts. I especially like your "how to" posts, very instructive to a non printer like myself. Love your owl! Happy New Year!

    1. Hello Carol, thanks for commenting and I enjoy making the "how to" posts. I guess that says I am into "structure and a place for everything and everything in it's place" sort of person.
      I am trying to get another post for the end of February, more on that then, depends if the technique is successful being a bit out of practise with what I have in mind.