Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Continuation of experimenting.

Next week is exhibition time for a short week at local library.This is the finish of previous post on something special I wanted to share. It was born from our  renovation of the back deck and the cream wall of the house and I sat there looking at this wall  and wondering what I could put there then the penny dropped . What does one do with old lino plates? especially favourite ones that I had enjoyed cutting and though I don't adhere to one particular "theme" this turned out to be botanical.

I cleaned or recut each plate and chose an old drawing board to recycle as this was partly the idea, to  make use of materials just lying around.


This was my test piece.Another old lino plate glued to a board with liquid nails after the "new" plate was inked and dry.    
Being rather pleased with the results I went ahead with the larger piece.
The handmade stencil.
Inking one of the stencils.
Finished stencil.
Layout for the larger piece pre inking,stenciling and gluing to the board.

I tried various layouts for each plate but always came back to this one.So now I have a recycled artwork I can enjoy for years to come which doubles as decoration. Four of the prints from these plates have been exhibited in a group situation and one other was a home exercise and the leaf design was taken from woodblock workshop, yes, Jill O'Sullivans I attended earlier this year and I extended the design to one lino with a change of direction for the leaves.

Now it's time ot move onto my next project which is a collobration with the printmaking group I am a member of.


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  1. I live 20 minutes across town from Alison and we are in contact several times a week.
    But,until today, I had not seen the lino plates mounted as a single artwork. It does look good and, knowing where it will "live," I can say that this might be an idea for others to think about.
    (For people who may not know...when a print has been editioned, the artist cannot print any further images and the plate is (should be) destroyed. So a montage of plates is a nice artwork for the artist.)