Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ladybug Print

Early this year I printed these Ladybugs in compact disc size which I find easy to work with at home and fun to do. I used the reduction method and I enjoy this technique, keeps the brain working  once I have decided on the image.
These are for the  Printmaking Sisters Group based in Sydney.

Applying the reduction method

Because I didn't previously cut the dots out of the first plate I cut another plate and printed a run of black and white, just because I liked the image.
After printing the red colour I proceeded to print the yellow  and I knew it would change the leaf colours and that is what I like about reduction.
While the dots picked up the green ink which turned the leaf a lovely chocolate colour I did a run of black for the dots as the final colour.
I was having such a good run and working with my own system I just kept printing and at the end of the day put aside to dry.
My makeshift drying rack sitting on a trolley which holds my papers and I stacked old drawing boards on top of paint tins and solved the problem as my studio isn't large.
Next day I  had to reduce the lino again so went ahead with that and cut the background away but when I wanted to print the final colour I thought I was short in how many I had done. Of course found them and realised I would have to just keep going and printed these minus the yellow background.
It was rather pleasing to see how images can change due to errors and I much prefer the chocolate ones, who wouldn't !! 
So whoever receives my set of prints I really do hope they make you happy.
For the leftover prints from this project and past ones I have an idea brewing to make use of them, more on that in the future.


  1. Lovely. Is this linoleum or woodcut?

    1. Hello Roberta thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to answer your question it is a lino print.

  2. Alison, these are just stunning! I love them all. A really beautiful beetle/ladybird.

    1. It was a good printing day and I think that comes through the same as in paintings and thanks for your comments.