Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project Number 2

A group of twelve members signed up for this project involving the Botanic Gardens for an exhibition titled "Diversity in Nature" :-Special plants of Mackay and the Whitsundays.
Each artists was allotted a plant and written information about the plant and we were allowed to create a print in any medium and style.

I chose a double plate print with the background developed from a vinyl lino plate and the main image from normal lino but smaller. 

This isn't how I loaded these  as the one below is the vinyl lino already cut and the print here.

Lino plate ready fro printing.

The finished image and I liked the two different colours.
The large veins  for the background are indicative of their life giving energy. My plant is the Mt .Blackwood Holly which  has a lovely trumpet shaped flower of the most beautiful cerise colour. The leaves and the sticky type stems interested me and the points on the leaves are so defined.


  1. Really well done! I love the way the leaves break out of the frame.

  2. Thank you Roberta and this is one of my favourite pieces and it's nice to break the boundaries sometimes.