Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From Square to Round.

This is what I have been involved in the past few months. Hubby had some left over Mackay Cedar so cut three blocks off for me to play with. Decided to create some animals heads and the first is the owl and they have been promised to family members.
My very first effort carving from a 10cm square block into a round not so 10cm  size block.

The original block size with unlacquered piece.

Finished piece.

A second project while working on the owl is a carved flower from Huon Pine which is in collaboration with my friend who does beautiful pyrography to be included in a huge wall hanging. Made from timber(of course) with random sizes and types of timber bits arranged into an artful display. Interesting shapes and colours create a scene we hope pleases everyone and sparks conversations.
I will try to take photos later and post. This is what I have at present and today I burnt some shaded areas on the flower. 
These three pieces are 11x8cm and the other two are burnt with a botanic theme with hand coloured flowers but runs across both pieces which are situated under this one on the backboard.


  1. Gee! You're coming along.
    I's like to do some pokerwork(as it was called when I was a youngster), but I wonder if I should finish some of my other endeavours first!Looking forward to seeing them,Ali.

  2. Maybe a new project for you next year as not much longer this year now. A display/ for sale weekend in November, 26th and 27th at the clubhouse.