Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bits and Pieces Make Art.

Remember I started wood carving earlier this year and here we are in November with the break up luncheon on the horizon.
Ideas keep forming which pushes me along my creative path so I 'm a happy 'camper' as the saying goes.
There's another memento finished of a cheetah from Jacaranda, two down one to go. An odd shape of about 6cmx 8cm.

A combination of carving and pyrography.

The group are holding their end of year display this weekend and the raffle is a large wall hanging made from bits and pieces left over from carving, waste ends of lengths of timber and the pieces from scroll sawing and a lovely hand carved mouse.
The backing timber was left on a table with three boxes of odds and ends in it so we could all just add to it as the mood took us as we walked past. I arrived this morning and it's sitting on an easel completed. Looks amazing and just as well I had my camera.

Finished piece.
Huon Pine with burnt design and watercolour pencil.

The mouse top right corner viewed from above.

A reindeer surrounded by odd shapes.

A jigsaw of shapes and colours.

Name a shape and its probably there with the scroll sawn pieces..

Side view to show depth of some pieces.

A swan maybe, very contemporary.

Filling in spaces.

 Texture on texture.

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  1. A swan! haha.
    So pleased I found my glasses as I can now see more detail. It's a huge piece, but I'd love to have it if I had the room!