Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tackling Tricks.

While working on a piece at home the brain was in overdrive, you all know what that feels like....
and to resolve a situation I found myself in I resorted to  what I call" trickery". These are little ways to help one out of a dilema and we come across them in many ways . I had two fine areas meeting and I wanted to print them in two different colours. Having thought about it for a long time and tried a few different "tricks" at home I decided to employ the use of brushes with oil based inks .
This is the first attempt applying the two colours.

Very carefully applying the last of colours pre printing.
I wasn't totally happy with the prints so chose to paint just the one colour and use the  small brayer as per normal for the other.

A very slow process to say nothing of an aching back!!
Once I printed from this plate it was easier with this process and I went on to print a reasonable edition. I know professional printmakers would have used this process anyhow but sometimes we need to work through ideas and "tricks" to find out what is best.It's all in the name of fun.


  1. I'm not sure I have the patience for this! Then again, intaglio, with a top-roll takes a fair bit of fiddling, too...
    But the prints looked good when I was in the studio the other day and had a peep!

  2. Patience ,yes and Intaglio is interesting too, something else I'd like to do.