Friday, November 25, 2011

Printing with the Brayer Demonstration.

I have started with the registration paper and markings which I think all printmakers practise.
The first sheet is the registration paper with the size of the printing paper marked then the size of the plate is marked on the edges to be able to align the plate.
All these marks are transferred to the BACK of the printing papers for the edition.

Registration marks. Of course these are all aligned one on top of the other for printing.

Plate in position minus the ink, I wasn't printing today so this is a "special" effort, a dry run .

And this is how it looks ready to print.

Caution should be practised with the application of pressure .To avoid  the paper slipping I apply gentle pressure with one hand while rolling the brayer across making sure every portion has been printed. It is a slow process  and I do lift it from each side , very carefully  to check the print.
I have used the baren to print but found it moved the paper especially with oil based inks, maybe I just need more practise with that!

No I don't have three hands  hubby helped here with this shot.I don't usually print at home in this fashion with large prints as I have access to a friends press.


  1. Hard or soft brayer?
    If I do hand-pull I use a baren;I made "lines" with a brayer the only time I tried it!

  2. I used a hard brayer size 4 inch.

  3. Alison thanks for taking the time to photograph this process. It makes a lot more sense to see it done. One more question :-) How do you apply the ink to the plate?

  4. Thanks for your question Angela and I apply the ink to the plate with another brayer which I keep especially for inking. I will do another post showing the process and tools required.