Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wishes for 2011

Christmas a time for family, love, peace and a good wine. Being a person who possesses an interest in art, creating and appreciating others pieces I like to buy handmade decorations as compared to the commercially made products. After all it is a time for sharing be it with strangers, neighbours or my favourite people , grandchildren. My granddaughter , all of five years old loves to do art with Nana so we had a lovely day together making decorations and decorating our tree.

Family tree with handmade decorations, (2 boxes and star on top at the back.)

A special one I love which I bought at a local gift shop in a town half an hours drive away last year. It is made from soft fabric and joined together separately .

Family banner compliments from my granddaughter and me.

My Christmas pom pom made from tissue paper and not some thing one can be in a hurry to do as it tears too easily. I made about four different sizes practising and one has a scalloped edge, no limit to one's imagination.Glitter , gold stars etc are things the little hands could do to help.
I remember making the crepe paper chains each year as a child so they will be on the "new list" for 2012.

Scalloped edge version. In the background is one I made a few years ago from styrofoam balls , painted with paper cutouts added and varnished.  Some of these were also covered in Christmas fabric and coloured ribbons attatched to hang from.



  1. gawhhh cute! (my miss six spent today with HER nana - decorating my folks chrissy tree - spending time with family is the best bit of christmas)

  2. Oh beautiful! Great memories in the making. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks Ronnie and Amanda, in time to come with two grandsons it will be "soldiers" or santas we make.
    Merry Christmas to all /any of my readers.

  4. What you need now is a lovely wind chime!