Thursday, June 14, 2012

Woodblock reduction:-post Jill O'Sullivan workshop.

Finally I spent the best part of yesterday cutting away probably over half of the image which I had previously used in the woodblock workshop.
Registration was my biggest concern, as it is with a lot of us I think, and out of the four prints I had run off at home by hand  I have decided there is one reasonable print.

The one "good" one. 

and one of the "others".


  1. Your 'good one' is lovely, Alison, though as a non-printer you 'other' looks pretty good to me too. But I know that you know, and I'm just enjoying watching the processes you go through.

    1. Thanks Carol and I am pretty much a process sort of person , sometimes that's more appealing than the satisfaction of a finished print. A bit like the anticipation of a great journey.