Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two previous experiments combined.

On April the 6th I posted" My Umbrella entry" and on May 20th I posted "A short experiment" with the idea of using the results at a later date. I liked the colours printed on the reverse of the woodblock and as  I had the Umbrella lino plate handy I printed it out to use up the yellow ink, no wasting here.
The frame is a recycled one of mine so had a new matt board cut this morning.

The mattboard is more of an olive green colour not so brown as it looks here. The centre print is floated and I like the two different textures.



  1. I need to inspect this at close range! It looks good.(And that print of Jhi is a fave)

    1. Di you are welcome anytime to view this print and yes a fav. of mine too.
      You were quick off the mark to comment , many thanks.