Friday, August 10, 2012

Life is busy experimenting.

Good afternoon readers and I apologise for not writing before this but I have been busy with family, life in general and as the heading says experimenting.

This is something one needs to do when the mood strikes  just like our other art adventures. In the end it's the results that count and the learning process as we go.

I arrived at that point I am sure you all have been at where the ideas just keep colliding with each other in your creative side versus what one must do on a daily basis. Rather frustrating until I realised that all I need to do was take a deep breath and break my thoughts down into smaller , manageable areas and move forward from there.

However hopefully I will be displaying the finished product of my endeavours at a local exhibition and at least one will be presented as  an awards entry. I am happy with a lino I am currently working on using adapted techniques in the application of the ink.
So has that tidbit piqued your interest? Pictures and explanation later after the event, I promise as don't want to preempt my own ability.

Bye for now.

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