Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Compact Prints Collection

Today my friend and I visited the collection at the local library which had been made possible as a travelling exhibition by the Friends of the Library group so a big thank you to them . We were talking to a staff member and she was pleased to have participating printmakers and locals as well to view it. Now we , along with three other local members have been invited  to share a half hour morning tea tomorrow .
 Each printmaker creates three prints to size , one for donation to auction and raise money , one for display and the other to randomly swap with other members.
 Umbrella Studio also present each of us with a cd of the collection , a very nice keepsake.

This is my print of a sculpture of a mangrove pod that had been commissioned in 2009 for the Urban Art Project along the Mackay Bluewater Trail.

A previous print submitted to the project . This was my first submission and I am trying to enter each time. It's a good way to add to my personal collection.

This is the second one I submitted and is a screenprint taken from an original drawing.
Next year will be my fourth one so I am looking for ideas at present and different techniques.


  1. lovely work! and a great idea too

  2. Yes, wasn't it good to see them all on the walls. I'll go back and make more notes!