Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Wonderful Gift

I am a lucky lady to have a sister though not a practising artist but who does appreciate many forms of art which allows us to share some great experiences and conversations.A few years ago we travelled to Melbourne for Phantom of the Opera, my very first live opera so very special memories  and she has recently returned from Melbourne to see the Tutankhamen Exhibition , lucky lady.
Side view of my new toy.

In  my mail today was this wonderful gift she bought from the markets and very generously sent to me. Well haven't I  been having fun this afternoon playing which has presented me with ideas for the future so I shall endeavour to bring them to fruition soon.Now who's the lucky lady !!!!Many thanks G.

Design of the stamp and I can tell you this is as exciting as receiving a book!!Book Art Object people 
and regular followers will know about this.

Testing, testing 1.. 2.. 3....


  1. Ooh! Playtime! I've just raked several off cuts out of the bin for you;will bring them next time I come over.

  2. Followed you over here from Murr Brewster's blog, just knew you were an Aussie...About your comment there, I have had a dead cat in the pump box of our watertank when we lived in the wilds of the ACT so I feel your pain:). Nice to see you are into art,maybe you could hop over to my place and take a look there.

  3. origa-me
    Oops! The person you picked up at Murr's place is me
    I must have signed in with my Blogger persona. I'm really only supposed to be the tech. help in the background here as this is Alison's blog.
    Confused? Hang at at Idle Thoughts and you'll be really round the twist!