Sunday, April 13, 2014

A book for a friend.

I have been busy making a book for my friend for her to use as a journal which she wants to present to her grand daughter in time to come. I was chuffed that  I hadn't forgotten how to stitch the book together as it is a long time I since I had made one. There is an error and any book maker will find it but for me I am treating it as part of the design as  it won't affect the book's purpose. It is 24 x 18.5 x 3.5 cm with box board covers . Ten signatures made from various old prints with cartridge paper for writing. The cover image is a print on paste paper I made especially for the book so have others from that exercise for future books. All acid free papers and adhesives were used for stability.
The introductory page is hand pulled embossed with the grand daughters first initial and a stencilled image of two adults printed as a ghost print from a stencil, hand in hand walking away into the future on the final pages.

Paste paper with leaf print.

Cover with end paper.

Vinyl plate for embossed title page.

Cover end page and title page.

Ghost stencil print.


  1. A lovely book and a lovely idea

    1. Thanks Jac and I hope to gain some ideas for the "pay it forward" project.