Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sidetacked by Inspiration

Georgia's Book.

After making the book my supplies of decorative and marbled papers was running very low. My friend is very pleased with the result.

After reading various recipes on other blogs, just a refresher as I have done paste and marbling previously but it has been so long since I had made any.
It was lovely to watch videos and see how the professional do it, so became all inspired again and collected materials together and of course up until all hours last night working.

Once started one needs to be well prepared with materials ahead of time as ideas kept running through my brain as I worked. Eventually I had to call it a day or night whichever the case maybe!!!

Some I like and some patterns not so much but that's art and I accept it and work with it. It's interesting the different bases and colours and the effects one produces. Below are some of mine.

I enjoyed working with the watercolour papers as compared to the finer papers.

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